What is SmarterPath exactly? How does it work?

SmarterPath delivers a financial plan with the most tax efficient way to save and withdraw for retirement. The tax efficiencies result in the ability to retire years earlier and assets that last longer in retirement.

The financial plan is generated using the latest tax laws, market expectations, and your personal inputs.

Does SmarterPath make the changes to my accounts for me?

Right now SmarterPath only makes recommendations in the personalized financial plan generated in your account. It’s up to you to make the changes to each of your accounts.

Are the changes you’re recommending safe?

We run your same scenario as if you were retiring when the great depression hits. This shows that even in a down market your assets will last your lifetime.

Can SmarterPath import all my investment account information?

That is a product improvement on our roadmap but for now you’ll need to manually enter your information.

How does SmarterPath get compensated?

Right now we’re in beta, and are offering the tool for free. However once the beta is over we will start charging for the service. Pricing information will come later.

Is SmarterPath a registered financial advisor?

SmarterPath is not considered a financial advisor because we do not give advice on specific securities. For more information see our Disclaimer.

What if I want to run this by a financial advisor?

Once you generate your plan feel free to run it by your advisor.

How often should I check SmarterPath?

We recommend updating your inputs on an annual basis or if a major financial change occurs in your household.

How often can I make changes to my account?

You can make changes as often as you need to your accounts. Our recommendations are on an annual basis.

Are there scenarios that SmarterPath does not support?

  • If you have a pension
  • If you’re self employed
  • Non standard investments (real estate/cryptocurrency)

Can I trust you guys with my personal information?

Your information is collected and stored securely in the cloud. In regards to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) we only request first name and state (for adjusting tax law). Any personal information that we store can be deleted upon request.