Where’s the best place to save your money?

A financial advisor may use a few rules of thumb to recommend where to put your money, but how well do these generalizations do?

Traditional Financial Plan vs SmarterPath

Let's take John and Mary, both 21 years old and making in total $80,000 a year. If they want to retire as early as possible, what difference will it make if they use SmarterPath compared to a traditional financial plan?

Traditional Plan
Retire by
Retire by

That’s a 3 year difference! All without having to save more money, but purely from smart tax optimizations.

How it works


Create a financial profile

Input things like your income, assets, savings rate, and household information. We can also import data from sites like mint or turbotax to speed up the process.

Add your financial goals

You can add things like buying a house, saving for college, or retiring as early as possible. We want to create a plan that's tailored to your specific needs.

Run the solver engine

The optimization engine reads in the user data, applies tax law and market expectations, and then generates an optimized financial plan. The plan outlines exactly how much money you should save and in what kind of tax-specific accounts you should use.

Cruise control your finances

We'll keep tabs on your progress and let you know when adjustments need to be made.